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new: The MindBody Workbook. Volume Two

It has been 23 years since I wrote The MindBody Workbook. At the time I wrote it, it was the only Workbook with guided journaling for chronic pain and other TMS/PPD disorders. Over 35,000 users later, I finally got around to Volume Two.

This totally new, improved, expanded edition was co-written with Justin Barker, Psy.D., and features guided journaling with even more psychological depth from our combined experience and daily affirmations as well, that tie into the theme of the day. We include self-esteem and gratitude journaling this time around, which I have found helpful over the last 5-10 years.

It is called The MindBody Workbook. Volume Two. It can be used before, or after the original MindBody Workbook and has along with or independent of Think Away Your Pain and the online course The MindBody Healing Journey.

The original Workbook was a spiral bound notebook for most of its history; in the last year it has had a new cover and, and became a Bound 8 x 11 paperback. The new one is Teal and similarly bound as an 8 x 11 paperback. (Also kindle). You can do the Workbooks in either order. Start with Volume Two and use the Original for another thirty days of journaling. Or do the Original first and continue with Volume Two.

The redesigned Original Workbook looks like this (Blue, no stripe indicating Volume Two)


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