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  Research - What was SMI?  What is New in the Field?  

SMI Mission Statement and Goals  (edited for interest 2018)

This Foundation supported my TMS research for several years and led to several publications in the field including the first outcome study published in a refereed journal.

Mission (Core)

Our mission is to perform research that furthers the understanding and utility of the mind-body connection in treating back pain and other disorders, based on the seminal work of John Sarno, MD on "Tension Myositis Syndrome" (TMS). Implicit in this purpose is the task of educating both the medical profession and those suffering from TMS about this diagnosis and approach, via published research, lectures, seminars, and other means of communication.

Specific Goals

     To assemble a team of individuals who can further the above goals 

  • To collaborate with other individuals with specific skills to perform clinical trials and other studies

  • To collaborate with academicians, scientists, statisticians, and others to further this work

  • To continue to perform outcome studies at our Principal Investigator’s Office, at other TMS doctors nationally, and, along with our collaborators, to train new doctors in the approach

  • To explore the use of modern imaging technology such as functional MRI and PET scanning and related neurobiology techniques to elaborate on the diagnostic theory first presented by Dr. Sarno over 25 years ago.

Funding was primarily from Scott Seligman and family. We have had smaller donations from patients, former patients, and health care professionals with an interest in this area. 

The foundation was an IRS non-profit foundation, based in Michigan but whose administrative and research activities were based in California and elsewhere.

Please note that the SMI terminated its funding of mind-body research late in 2007. These web pages are in part a record of its accomplishments in this area.


David Schechter, MD --the Principal Investigator, and Arthur Smith, PhD-- the Foundation Coordinator.

What's New in the Field of TMS Research during  2021-24:

Donnino  Published Research in Massachusetts   

Ashar, Gordon, and Schubiner  Published research in Boulder 


Yarns VA research  Published research in LA 

What's New
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