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TMS FAQ and  Answers

If these do not answer your questions, call the office--Staff are generally knowledgeable about Dr. Schechter's TMS treatment program and educational materials.  If someone doesn't know the answer,  they'll get Dr. Schechter's response for you:

1.) What if I have a specific medical question about my condition?


A: Due to ethical and legal issues, Dr. Schechter is unable to answer specific diagnostic and treament questions about your condition via email unless you have become a patient by being seen and examined in his office.  General issues are answered in his blog, educational materials, etc. 

2.) Are there doctors in other cities that I can see regarding TMS?


A: There are a number of such doctors and the number is slowly growing. See the doctors page for other physicians that have expressed interest in this area. The pandemic emergency has also allowed Dr. Schechter to do telemedicine with more out of state patients.

3.) What can I do if I can't come to Los Angeles and I don't live near any of the other doctors?

A: First, see a qualified physician in your local area.  Consider a neurologist, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, sports medicine or orthopedist. Have that doctor examine you and see if they are comfortable with a "conservative" or non-surgical program.  If so, ask if you can include a TMS or mindbody program in that plan. Then read the books available on the subject, consider my new online program, and use the workbook. Continue to have that local doctor monitor your progress.  

4.) Are there any other options if I live in California, but can't come to Dr. Schechter's office due to pain or distance?


A: For follow-up visits, phone or telehealth is a great option. Outside of the United States, telehealth visits are possible.  

(updated Aug. 2023)

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