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Mind-Body Curriculum for High Schools


Working with a teacher and with input from psychologists, I have developed a mini-curriculum on mind-body health and stress management for adolescents.   Typically, this would be taught in high school (ages 15-18) although a slightly younger group could also benefit.


The program consists of a Teacher’s Manual, Five Power Point Presentations, and a Workbook for daily journaling.   There are feedback forms for teachers and students.  The material can be taught in one to two weeks.


Each of the Presentations includes time for interaction with the students.  In addition, they are visually appealing and include video clips (linked from YouTube) that pertain to the subject matter.


Key topics are:

  1. Coping with Stress

  2. Social vs. Physical Pain

  3. Placebo effects: Implications

  4. Psycho-physiologic Disorders and Symptoms

  5. Life Balance


The goal is to teach skills such as expressive writing (journaling), the science of the mind-body connection, connecting emotions and physical well-being, and healthy stress-relieving methods.


We are looking to pilot this program in more schools, get feedback and improve the program further.  In this sense, we are seeking partners who want to broaden and deepen the education of your youth and enhance their emotional resilience.   This is a not-for-profit effort.


Email: FrontOfficeDrS at to explore this further.


Yours truly,


David Schechter, MD

Private Practice Physician

Board Certified, Family Medicine/Sports Medicine

Medical Staff, Cedars Sinai Med. Ctr.

There is a Workbook for teens designed to be part of the HS project.  Link below takes you to the Workbook for Teens on amazon.

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