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My you tube channel has a number of Testimonials from patients and a number of my own videos from over the years.   Click the YouTube button to go to my channel, or watch these brief videos below:  

TMS Testimonials From Patients 

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Inspiration from Patients: 


Doctor Schechter's TMS Group saved my life! I am a classic TMS patient and his group therapy was the most helpful thing I have done and was able to get me 100% pain free. He is simply one of the best doctors in Los Angeles. He goes the extra mile for his patients. I am grateful to have met him!

Nadia B.

I suffered from chronic pain all over my body, could not lift my arms and struggled to walk.  Two years after treatment with Dr. Schechter I have climbed 2 SoCal mountains (Cucamonga Peak and Mt. Wilson) and run two 10 K races.  I am also playing golf and walk the 18 holes.  After 30 years I even got back on the tennis court.  It was hard.. I had to work very hard on it.  I learned a lot about myself.. Thank you again for your assistance.

Anita B.


I also just wanted to thank Dr. Schechter again because it is thanks to him giving me the correct diagnosis of TMS that I have been able to work full time again for the first time in 12 years!  What a joy….Thank you for your important work, it changes people's life's!

Lisa E.


… horrible, debilitating pain, no concrete diagnosis, all tests normal, unable to work, walk or sit, tried everything from orthopedists, physical therapists, hip specialists, surgeons, chiropractors, healers, body workers, juice fasting, detox, meditation, prayer, visualization, positive thinking, etc. - all really to no avail.  The book, workbook and DVDs are my lifesavers!

A. C.


I am writing to you, because I think you are a real hero and I want to help you help others in whatever way I can.  I believe my own story is amazing and can help others.  I drove up to see you from San Diego for a TMS consult… My consult with you was excellent and took me to the next level in the Mind-body healing paradigm.

K. I


I was a patient of yours way back in 2001 and visited you in your then  Beverly Hills location. I had been diagnosed with a herniated disc and after every treatment from chiropractic, orthopedic, cortisone shots and finally had been told that surgery was the only hope. My lower back pain was chronic and debilitating. I was one of those who heard about TMS via Howard Stern!  Anyway after visiting you and completing your program I became pain-free and that has been the case for the past nine years. In that time I have been active (even doing Taekwondo!) –



I am writing to express my thanks for helping me achieve what I had previously given up hope on. As you know, before I saw you I had severe back pain, and had experienced frustrating episodes of plantar fasciitis and patellar tendinitis dating back to high school. Now I am completely pain free, and I know that I have been cured for good.   …Now, instead of spending my time doing worthless stretching and back-strengthening exercises, I jog or play basketball at least five days a week.

   I no longer worry about my posture (I’m slouching in my chair as I type this!) I disposed of my orthotics which will save me about $200 every other year. I also got rid of my various back pain devices (magnets, gravity boots, braces, etc.) Now, I rarely even think about my back or my feet, except when I remember that they once dominated my life. Occasionally, I will get a brief episode of pain, but I am able to ignore it and it usually goes away within a day or two, if not a few hours. Its amazing quickly pain can leave your body when you no longer fear it.  

… Dr. Schechter, I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude



With Dr. Schechter's clearance, I returned to work in October 2003 and I'm at work since then. I still have some symptoms or limitations, but I can function well with housework at home and software engineering job at work. Compared to the total disability status before seeing Dr. Schechter, I am glad for the results and am really thankful that I found Dr. Schechter to treat my condition.

Based on my experience I believe that RSI is TMS or primarily due to TMS. If one has RSI symptoms that don't get any better after a couple of months of rest and treatment, he should give TMS method a serious try. If he grasps the TMS concept and gets better immediately, that's great (if you search the web, a lot of people completely recover very soon after trying TMS). But if you need some medical support and help like me, there are TMS doctors like Dr. Schechter are there to help. Keep trying the TMS approach and you'll get better, that's my experience.



I just wanted to thank you for you CD's and workbook-they are excellent! I read Healing Back Pain, and lost 90% of my pain, but still had occasional flareups, and some fear. The workbook really helped me stop the flareups, pin point a couple of things at work and while driving (road rage) that caused the flareups.  Thanks again,



The pain is completely gone!  There are times when I notice it here or there but I just acknowledge whatever is going on and in minutes I'm fine.  I just wanted to thank you … for giving me my life back.  I thought I would never be free from back pain.  I've done all I can to spread the word about TMS and the books.  I feel like if it could help someone like it has helped me then nobody would have back pain.  After two years of almost no activity I am back to walking, riding my bike, doing aerobics, etc.  I am a complete believer in this thing called TMS.



My TMS is still here but I've managed to control it with moments of flare ups here and there.  Over the past year, I've faced some difficulties with schooling and some relationship problems which I know are the causes of my pain but I've managed to control and fight it.  Just thought you wanted to hear this story.  If thereis anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'm always willing to help you as well as any other people you think I can reach out to.  If there are any patients please refer them to me and I would be happy to talk with them.  Take care. 



I just wanted to write and let you know how fantastic I am doing.  My pain is almost completely gone.  I just get a little sore and achy after exercise, but I am confident I am on my way to getting my TMS under control and living a normal life again.  I had my last appointment with Don today. After my last follow up visit with you, my psychotherapy session with Don Dubin (author note: retired) was priceless.  I uncovered some deeply buried emotional feelings I never knew I had and shortly thereafter, the pain started leaving my wrists and my ankles. I am free of pain….  Thanks for all your invaluable guidance and help. It is still so hard to believe that after 5 years of chronic pain, that after 6 months of putting the TMS theories into practice I am free of chronic pain.  If there is ever anything I can do to help others suffering TMS, please let me know.




Before he saw you, he was in pretty bad shape. It's so wonderful how you were able to treat/help him. I'm always here to help you … because I really believe you do wonderful work.



Over the past few days I have watched your DVD and listened to your CDs and I have been CRYING AND WALKING at the same time. IT HAS WORKED!!!    I made an immediate connection to emotional events in my life,  to each of these painful symptoms   Over the years I have had back spasms, left wrist pain (I had to wear a wrist guard), left foot pain and now my left knee.  After reading about TMS a few days ago, I can still feel pain in my knee, BUT I have lost my fear.  My pain has been reduced and I feel so excited. 

Can this be true?????????  Can this really work for me???  I feel so uneasy at how fast it has worked.  Is it possible?  I am scared!!!

I think my knee is linked to not being able to work in Hong Kong. (Insecure, Guilt, Anger etc...) Now that I know about TMS, I feel free.   I am smiling for the first time in months.   I will work through your workbook and will pass this on to anyone I know that fits the mold.

 Thank you so much for helping me.  I look forward to reading more and learning everything you have to say on this subject.




I am now completely pain free after following your program… I am a skeptic by nature and had I not gone through this process myself, I wouldn’t have ever believed it possible….When I get an occasional twinge of pan somewhere, I no longer worry that it will last or that it is a physical injury.  How liberating to be free from worry about pain hereafter.  So I am grateful to you… for your great work.  I wish there were more doctors like you.  Thanks again.


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