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Personal TMS affirmation or "mantra"

I discuss in Think Away Your Pain how self-talk and positive affirmations or blocking messages are an important part of breaking old pain pathways in the nervous system.

A patient came in recently with an effective one that he indicated I could share in my blog (anon. of course). "I know that I will think away my pain because I am in touch with my emotions. I am healthy, I am strong. I am painfree."

There are a number of excellent elements to this phrase. And I'm not even including the presence of my book title in the quote! The phrase affirms: a) emotional awareness b) health and vitality c) pain elimination. It is written in a positive, clear style. It is at the long end of effective affirmations, but works well for this patient. Each person should develop their own, ideally. It's okay to start with ones you've heard or read about.

The phrase, when repeated regularly, can be a blocking message for pain. It can be a message that eradicates the power of pain pathways that have developed in chronic (more than six months) pain/TMS. And it affirms the goal and desire for success.

Work on your own, if you have pain. Hopefully these tips will help you write one effective for you.

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