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Tension Myoneural Syndrome

This web site was created to teach about mindbody concepts relevant to physical illness and pain, especially TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome/Tension Myositis Syndrome /The MindBody Syndrome).


TMS is a common and treatable diagnosis for back, neck, arm, pelvic, and other types of chronic pain with no clear structural cause (benign pain).  


The treatment is unique in that the patient's awareness of the mind-body link is crucial.


Healing comes from learning to shift focus from physical to psychological, break dysfunctional neural pathways, and process emotions differently. The symptoms are very real, but the cause is deeper than expected and not typically looked for by most doctors.


By navigating through the menu and subpages you can learn about TMS, treatment, a Video Library, read and see testimonials, read an interview with Dr. Schechter, learn about Dr. Schechter's long relationship with Dr. John Sarno... and hopefully find some new directions as you seek answers for your chronic pain and other unexplained symptoms.  

Dr. Schechter just completed The MindBody Workbook for Teens.   This workbook is designed for adolescents, to expose them to emotional links to physical and psychological health, and to teach them a life skill-- journaling.  It will be part of a larger school curriculum.  Could your teen use one?   Can we prevent TMS and stress-related illness if we teach younger people?

What are some other names for this condition or approach?  TMS, PPD (Psychophysiologic Disorder), Central Pain Syndrome, Distraction Pain Syndrome, Pain Amplification Syndrome, Tension Myoneural Syndrome, Tension Myositis Syndrome, The MindBody Syndrome.  Regardless of which name you have heard or use, the point of this is that people have physical symptoms that are often due to the mind/brain/emotions more than to a structural disorder or biochemical dysfunction.  

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Dr. David Schechter

pain relief TMS mindbody sarno method

Dr. David Schechter is a Board Certified Sports Medicine/Family Medicine Physician with a credential in Pain Medicine practicing in Los Angeles, California.  


Dr. Schechter has over twenty five years of experience with the TMS diagnosis, has treated thousands of patients and published original research.


While a medical student at NYU, he was a successful patient of Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Sarno's research assistant for a follow-up study.

The Mind Body Workbook

Educational materials developed by Dr. Schechter include:



Some of these were essential elements of the home treatment program for his 2007 published study in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine showing the effectiveness of this treatment program for chronic pain (especially low back pain).

Think Away Your Pain

chronic pain mind body relief back pain

Dr. Schechter's book, published in  2014, brings together his clinical experience, research findings, new scientific evidence and emotional wisdom to teach the reader the mind/brain and mind-body linkages needed to relieve pain.


He presents an updated model of pain, The Seven Lessons of Pain, detailed treatment methods and The Twelve Stages of Healing.   


This book has been called the most 'user-friendly' book in this field. Also reviewed as the clearest description of mindbody pain treatment yet written.

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