TMS Therapists and Other Resources

Dr. Schechter's Resources  (see Media links on Home Page, as well)


TMS Psychotherapists Resources

(Los Angeles Area)

  • Justin Barker, PsyD-- A West LA based psychotherapist who did his dissertation on TMS; does groups (with me) and individual therapy

  • Jessica Oifer MFT - A Marina Del Rey, CA psychotherapist's website about her practice, including TMS. Successful and engaging.  Associates.

  • Samantha Bothast, MFT--An Encino based psychotherapist who also works via tele-psychology.  Highly Skilled.  

  • Arnold Bloch LCSW - A Los Angeles/Westlake area psychotherapist's website about his practice, includes a blog, life and executive coaching 

  • Daniel Lyman, LCSW-- A West LA and Portland-based psychotherapist, excellent.   Developing a larger group.  Associates.

  • Suzanne Engleman, PhD-- Orange County, CA. A skilled clinical/health psychologist with great results!  Laguna Niguel, Orange.  Experienced.

  • Andrew Miller, MFT---a Los Angeles therapist doing TMS work as well as eating disorders.

  • Kathryn Lubow MFT- Young, skilled, successful at treatment. 

  • Alan Gordon LCSW and Derek Sapico group - Beverly Hills group of TMS psychotherapists and interns. Very dedicated to this work.   Pain Psychology Center.  Many of the staff are trained interns.    

  • Santa Cruz, CA-- Hasanna Fletcher, MFT .  Excellent work, all tele-therapy now!       (accessible via tele)

  • Susan Farber MFT - A Santa Barbara and Buellton psychotherapist's website. She is doing Sport Psychology as well as TMS.


Outside Los Angeles Area:  (For medical doctors, see that page)

             SF, Santa Barbara, New York, Dallas, Seattle and Portland.

  • Santa Barbara and Buellton, CA -- Susan Farber, MFT;  Jessica Nagler, PhD

  • Santa Cruz, CA-- Hasanna Fletcher, MFT .  Excellent work, all tele-therapy now!       

  • Marin County/SF, CA--  Clark Grove, PhD  

  • Phoenix, AZ  Liz Wallenstein LMHC,        

  • Cleveland, OH  Daniel Ratner PhD

  • Boulder, CO-- Charles Horowitz, PhD at 831-402-5002

  • Dallas, Tx -- Jonna Barta, PhD at 214-629-6986.

  • Miami, Fl--  Ilene Donin, PhD at 914-450-9379

  • Seattle, WA-- Serena Sterling, PsyD  at 206-707-9396

  • New York City area-- Fran Anderson PhD, Eric Sherman, PsyD,  Arlene Feinblatt, PhD,    Kirsten Fliegler, PsyD, 

  •        Fran, Eric and Arlene were part of Dr. Sarno's team for decades!

  • Monsey, NY:  Chaim Perl-- TMS Coach,  English, Yiddish, Hebrew, 845-533-3082  

  •       Australia:   Rose Hoey, RN, ISTDP trained Melbourne therapist; Hal Greenham ( in Melbourne ; Mary Bayles in NSW, James Alexander in NSW.  

  • I suggest you speak with a TMS doctor in your geographic area for other referrals. I do strongly believe a diagnosis of TMS should be made by a medical doctor before beginning psychotherapy for TMS. I also believe that follow-up visits with a medical doctor can maintain the pain relief focus if you do see a therapist.

(Listing is not considered an endorsement and ideally referrals come after a physician visit and diagnosis)

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updated Feb 2021

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Reminder and Disclaimer

A website can provide valuable information and a home educational program can teach you a lot.  But a diagnosis can only be made by a physician examining you in the office.  Be sure to exclude structural and chemical conditions before embarking on TMS treatment.


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