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Books, Workbooks, DVD To Help With TMS

- Same materials Dr. Schechter uses with patients seen in his office and in his published research.

- Tens of thousands of individuals have been helped by these materials.  

- Many report improvement even without a doctor visit.  

Think Away Your Pain Book

Your Brain is the Solution to Your Pain

MindBody Workbook

30 Day Guided Journal

The MindBody Healing Journey
Online Video Course

MindBody Workbook cover 1

Also Available in Spanish

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Think Away Your Pain presents a revolutionary approach to relieve suffering and eliminate chronic pain.


This book shows you how to use the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs to literally change the neural circuitry of your brain.


Dr. Schechter combines scientific evidence with clinical experience and psychological insight to teach a systematic method to control and eliminate pain with the mind.


With over 30 years in the field, this book teaches the TMS healing method where changing thought, expressing feelings, and understanding can and do change the neural circuitry of the brain and eliminate the pain.


For the chronic pain sufferer limited in function, distressed by suffering and hopeless about the future, this book offers realistic hope.

A ninety-page workbook, written by Dr. Schechter, entitled, "The MindBody Workbook."


This workbook offers a systematic, 30 day program to work through the emotional issues that may be underlying your back pain or other illnesses.


Journaling is one of the most effective tools for processing tension and stress and understanding emotional links to physical illness.  


It's hard to write daily in a blank notebook for most people. This Workbook offers a guided approach. There are daily questions written to elicit key emotional connections with more depth each week.  


Tens of thousands have been helped using this publication.  If you purchase ebook/kindle, write in a separate notebook.  The actual writing (or keyboard, or voice memos) are important to do.

  1. Comprehensive Five-Hour Video Series for Understanding and Treating TMS/PPD chronic pain

  2. Focuses on Key Issues.   Emphasizes core concepts.  Guides you through the thickets.  Calming.

  3. Cuts through the at times overwhelming amount of information online about this subject.

  4. Uniquely features both a Medical Doctor and a Psychologist’s contributions.

  5. Derived from over forty-five years combined experience/exposure to TMS and Includes insights from co-leading a weekly Healing Group on Zoom for the past year.

  6. Includes a video of a detailed virtual (simulated) office visit with Dr. Schechter

  7. Includes bonus material as PDF’s.  Organize your healing plan.  

Key and common questions answered by both MD and PsyD.  Over two hours of Q and A.   

MindBody Workbook

Volume 2

30 Day Guided Journal
Understanding and
Healing from TMS

 The long awaited Second Volume of The MindBody Workbook is now available!

Volume 2 is:

a) NEW, expanded, and comprehensive

b) more psychological depth

c) co-author is a psychologist

d) daily thematic affirmations

e) gratitude journaling

f) has an audible version (still need to write or type your answers)

This Workbook can be done before or after the original MindBody Workbook.

The MindBody Audio Program has been transcribed and edited into an interesting, inexpensive book called:   Understanding and Healing from TMS.  Ebook or paperback.   


  • First section is transcribed from a recording of Dr. Schechter's  educational seminar for TMS patients.

  • Second section details the process of the diagnosis of TMS and expands upon the treatment program.

  • Third section focuses on Psychology and is a dialogue between Dr. Schechter and the late Donald Dubin, MFCC, a psychotherapist who worked with Dr. Schechter's TMS patients for many years.

The MindBody Workbook
for Teens
Kindle Cover.jpg

A workbook that explains and teaches adolescents how to connect and express emotions and improve their psychological and physical health as a consequence.

Excellent for schools as well. 


Contact us if you are an educator, school psychologist, principal, or school administrator who would like to bring a mind-body mini curriculum to your High School Health Education classes.  (Social-emotional learning component)

Create Your Own Program: :
a) Read Think Away Your Pain: book, e-book, or audible book
b) Do The MindBody Workbook or the newer MindBody Workbook, Volume Two:  printed workbook or ebook (with the e-book, buy a blank notebook to write answers in)
c) Study The MindBody Healing Journey   online program

Bulk or Wholesale Orders

Available at a discount, please call or use Contact Us page.    

 Call (310) 836-2225.


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