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I've created a new course for people with chronic pain/TMS/PPD.  The program is online, easy to use, and distills the essence of my decades of work in this field.  The course was developed with Clinical Psychologist and TMS therapist, Justin Barker, Psy.D., who contributes a lot, so there is both my teaching and insightful psychological material as well. 


Individually we teach and together we answer the common questions people have (FAQ sections).   There are 39 videos, 9 PDF's and related bonus material.  The video series is about five hours long.  Substantial, but very focused.

Whereas once there was very little available on this subject, now there is a lot and it is overwhelming!  So this program, the MindBody Healing Journey course, is designed to cut through all of that and teach you what you need to learn.  The cost of the program is $199.   (Holiday Savings "Extended Black Friday".  25% off coupon code enter MBM25 when you purchase.

Here is what you get:

  1. Comprehensive Five-Hour Video Series with PDF Handouts for Understanding and Treating TMS/PPD chronic pain

  2. Focuses on Key Issues.   Emphasizes core concepts.  Guides you through the thickets.  Calming.

  3. Cuts through the at times overwhelming amount of information online about this subject.

  4. Uniquely features both a Medical Doctor and a Psychologist’s contributions.

  5. Derived from over forty-five years combined experience/exposure to TMS and  insights from co-leading a weekly Healing Group on Zoom for the past year.

  6. Includes a video of a detailed virtual (simulated) office visit with Dr. Schechter

  7. Key and common questions answered by both MD and PsyD.  Over two hours of Q and A.

  8. Can be done independently or in conjunction with office consultations and books

  9. Includes the Up-To-Date Resource Guide Dr. Schechter uses in his office and other bonus material as PDF’s.  Develop your unique healing plan.  

  10. Offers opportunities to ask questions to be answered in monthly updates

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Comments from Individuals Who Have Reviewed or Used the Course so Far:


"Whether you are initially exploring if TMS/Mind-Body is the cause of your symptoms or are in the final stages of recovery, this course is the most comprehensive material I have found! It explores both the medical issues and psychological causes.  Dr. Schechter walks you through the initial diagnosis and explains how to apply the treatment approach.  Dr. Barker explains the typical psychological causes and how to improve in those areas applicable to you.  Both Doctors then answer many questions. 

This program of treatment has been successful for me.  I used to be on high dose opioids and a spinal cord stimulator.  I have tapered off the opioids and the stimulator is turned off.  It works!"                                                   Jim H., Patient. Southern California  


"The course was fabulous! It is so helpful to have so much information and advice (and current information) in one place, in a format that is easy for even someone in severe pain to access. I have previously found TMS information to be a lot of work to piece together. This course is much needed.
I found the course to be comprehensive and clear. It answered most of the questions that had been lingering ... I particularly appreciated the very comprehensive FAQ sections and the PDF list of question topics, which made it easy to find answers to the most personally relevant questions before listening to the full recording."

                                                              Jen. M., (Patient) Santa Barbara, CA

"My favorite part was the FAQ.  I feel like it answered many questions that contributed to doubts I had and it would do the same for other patients..."

                                                              P.T., Patient, Los Angeles


"The course did a great job of explaining TMS in a way that is easily understandable and relatable. The MBHJ course truly reflects a well-rounded, patient-centered care approach. It is an affordable investment for those with chronic pain and TMS to learn how to take a more effective and holistic approach to solve their pain problem. By the end of the course, TMS patients can see life in a new light that helps them heal from emotional build-up, interact with themselves more empathetically, set healthy boundaries, and grow as a whole person."


                                                              Amari Dior, TMS Pain and Life coach


"The Mindbody Healing Journey course includes a breadth of psychoeducation, medical, behavioral, and emotional based approaches to heal from chronic pain. 

Dr. Schechter and Dr. Barker combine their years of knowledge and expertise to seamlessly interweave research-based approaches offering hope for healing and research to back it up every step of the way."

                                                              Jamie Neiree Innerfield Shafir, ACSW, Mind-Body Therapist and Health Coach, The Mind Body Therapy Center

"Dr. Schechter (MD) and Dr. Barker (Psychologist) provide a beautiful pairing of professions to amplify, and highlight, the holistic approach to TMS/MindBody Syndrome. This course was thoughtfully structured, as a guide, to help patients understand and work through their TMS/PPD issues."                                      Vanessa Sedano, ACSW, Los Angeles

"Dr. Schechter and Dr. Barker are veterans in the field of mind-body medicine, and this program they've put together provides a concise education on TMS and the recovery process. They provide simple, yet powerful tools to use on one's Healing Journey in a format that is very user friendly and easy to navigate"      Daniel Gaines, LCSW