Mind-Body is a term that tries to capture the true holistic element of the human experience.  We are both a mind and a body.  They are linked and connected.   What influences one influences the other.


Western medicine has unfortunately, for hundreds of years, de-linked the mind/brain and body.  However, both modern scientific research, clinical insights, the pioneering work of John Sarno MD, and others, have made clear this is a mistake and deficiency in Western medicine.


By understanding mind-body and utilizing the mind-body linkage, conditions that were otherwise untreatable by both conventional and alternative practitioners can be understood and solved.

We always ensure appropriate work-up and testing is done.  Some people suffer from both a structural issue and a mind-body issue.  Nonetheless, to ignore this critical part of the human condition, the human healing process is a major deficiency of modern healthcare.  While we have advanced so much technologically in medicine, somewhere the human element was lost.  Age-old wisdom combined with the scientific evidence from functional brain imaging (f-MRI) and other types of research have redefined the pain experience.

I discuss the chronification process in more detail in my book.  But chronic pain is a different condition than acute pain.  Chronic is localized more in the 'emotional brain'-- the prefrontal cortex, amygdala, etc.  Acute pain is more of a sensory-motor brain experience.  

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A website can provide valuable information and a home educational program can teach you a lot.  But a diagnosis can only be made by a physician examining you in the office.  Be sure to exclude structural and chemical conditions before embarking on TMS treatment.


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