This web site was created to teach about mindbody concepts in illness especially Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS).

TMS is a common and treatable diagnosis for back, neck, arm, and other types of chronic but benign pain.

However, the treatment is unique in that the patient's awareness of the mindbody connection is crucial.

Healing comes from learning to connect emotions and pain while shifting focus from physical to psychological.

Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)... What is it?

TMS Questionnaire... Do I have it?

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Dr. Schechter is a Board Certified Sports Medicine/Family Medicine Physician with a credential in Pain Medicine practicing in Southern California. Dr. Schechter has over twenty five years of experience with the TMS diagnosis, has treated over two thousand patients with this approach and published original research. While a medical student at NYU, he was a successful patient of Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Sarno's research assistant for a follow-up study.

This site was initially developed in 1997 by David Schechter, MD and by 1999 he began to develop educational materials for his own patients.

These educational materials have been purchased by many thousands of individuals on this website and on

Our feedback is that many are helped by self-study of the workbook, CD's and DVD, even without seeing Dr. Schechter in the office.

These same materials were used as an essential part of the treatment program for his 2007 published study in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

You may wish to tour the site by reviewing the highlights above and then following the buttons below to the other pages. If you're looking for a TMS doctor outside of California, see Other Doctors Treating TMS .

NOTE: Before considering any "self-treatment" of pain, be sure to have your problem evaluated by a local, appropriately trained physician who can ensure there are no serious diseases as the cause of pain.

Think Away Your Pain is my new book that explains chronic pain in a clear, practical way.

  • I include scientific evidence to support the approach.
  • There is a detailed, step by step program for those with unexplained, persistent, chronic pain.
  • There is even a section for health care professionals.


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