List of Doctors Doing TMS Diagnosis/Treatment of Whom I am Aware--
If you know of a current phone number
for those lacking one below,please let me know.

California, Los Angeles
David Schechter M.D 310-657-1022, 310-836-2225

Arkansas, Mena
Jim Rochelle, MD, Orthopedics

Illinois, Chicago
John Stracks, MD, Family Medicine
Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness, 312-926-3627

Massachusetts, Boston
Alex Angelov M.D

Massachusetts, Cape Cod
Jay Rosenfield M.D 508-833-4160

Michigan, Southfield
Howard Schubiner, M.D. 248-849-4728

Minnesota, Duluth
Doug Hoffman M.D

New Hampshire, Exeter
Marc Sopher M.D

New Jersey, Somerset
Paul Gwozdz, MD, Family Medicine 732-545-4100

Ohio, Canton
John Nadas, MD, Psychiatry 330-489-1495

Ohio, Columbus
Peter Zafirides, MD.; psychiatry;

Texas, Fort Worth
John Sklar M.D, Rehab Medicine 817-870-1868

Washington D.C and Silver Spring, Maryland
Harold Goodman, D.O., PM and R, 301-565-2494

Washington D.C
Andrea Segal M.D, Rheumatology 202-833-5055

Washington, Seattle
David Hanscom M.D Ortho/Spine and Joel Konikow, MD at Swedish Hospital,

Washington, Seattle
Mark Strom M.D 425-922-7576,

Wisconsin, Sun Prairie
Nancy Selfridge M.D

Outside the USA
Canada--Vancouver/Richmond B.C.

Sean Graham, D.C. (chiropractor) 604 274 7224

Israel, Jerusalem
Mordechai Levenstein, M.D. email:

Shoshannah Sarah, Certified Psychotherapist and Educator email:
Phone: from Israel: 0524 65 75 70, Outside of Israel:+972 524 65 75 70

I refer my patients to severalhighly qualified psychotherapists in the Los Angeles area. Please see the links page for their websites.
Alan Gordon, LCSW and group (Beverly Hills), Arnold Bloch LCSW (West LA and Westlake Village), Colleen Perry MFT (Santa Monica), Jessica Oifer MFT (Culver City, Sherman Oaks), Gillian Marcus MFT (West LA, Burbank), Jill Solomon (W. Hollywood) Arnold Ring, Ph.D. (Woodland Hills), and others can do excellent traditional (face-to-face) and some do telephone/SKype psychotherapy for patients whom I diagnose with TMS.
However, I do not have psychology referrals outside of the LA area, SF, Santa Barbara, Dallas and Portland.

  • Santa Barbara-- Susan Farber, MFT; see her website on links page.
  • Dallas-- Dr. Jonna Barta at 214-629-6986.
  • Portland-- Serena Sterling, PsyD is in Portland Hills at 503-336-5016.
    I suggest you speak with a TMS doctor in your geographic area for other referrals.
    I do strongly believe a diagnosis of TMS should be made by a medical doctor before beginning psychotherapy for TMS. I also believe that followup visits with a medical doctor can maintain the pain relief focus if you do see a therapist.



    The listing above is for general information only. You should consult with a local physician who knows yourclinical situation and whom you trust with regard to any physician referrals or treatment approaches.

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    For consultations with Dr. Schechter at his Beverly Hills office, call 310-657-1022.
    For consultations at his Culver City office, call 310-836-2225.
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