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  • Dr. David Schechter is a physician whose career stands on several principles. First, treat the whole patient (mind and body) in the context of his family and his environment. Second, provide the highest quality care based upon the most up-to-date medical research. Third, emphasize prevention, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise as the mainstays of a comprehensive program.

    Dr. Schechter is originally from New York. He was graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biochemistry. Subsequently, he attended medical school at New York University and fortuitously met Dr. John Sarno while seeking relief from a nagging knee problem. He achieved a rapid recovery after learning about Tension Myositis Syndrome, a diagnosis that emphasizes the role of tension in causing and perpetuating many painful ailments.

    The following summer, under the auspices of Dr. John Sarno, he telephoned 177 former TMS patients of Dr. Sarno. The results confirmed his personal experience with this diagnosis and treatment approach and demonstrated a success rate above 75% in back pain patients. Since that time, he completed a residency in Family Practice and learned how to treat the whole patient. He also achieved certification in Sports Medicine to solidify his treatment of injuries and incorporate the principles obtained from caring for competitive athletes into his overall approach to patients of all kinds.

    Dr. Schechter has served on the faculty of the USC School of Medicine since 1990. His last academic appointment was as an Associate Professor. His focus now is on clinical practice on the Westside of Los Angeles emphasizing mindbody approaches, sports medicine, and the treatment of injuries and back pain. A growing proportion of his patients are seeking out his expertise in the treatment of Tension Myositis Syndrome and related mind-body disorders. The remarkable results that many of these patients have experienced with this approach have motivated him to seek out opportunities to present these ideas to the general public. Thus he developed this web site in the early internet days of 1997, has written a workbook, created an audioprogram, a DVD and other materials on this subject. He has also spoken on radio and television about this subject, and others. Research that he has published in this field is described on the Research Foundation's Website.

    He has been named a Top Doctor in Sports Medicine by Men’s Health Magazine 2008 and by US News and World Report 2011. With Dr. Sarno's retirement in 2013, Dr. Schechter has the most continuous years of experience in the treatment of TMS of any physician.

    For consultations with Dr. Schechter at his Beverly Hills office, call 310-657-1022. Click here for a map to the Beverly Hills office.
    For consultations at Culver City office, call 310-836-2225. Click here for a map to the Culver City office.
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  • You can review Dr. Schechter's updated 9 page curriculum vitae.
    It's also available on his private practice website in Adobe PDF and Word Format.
    You can read an interview with Dr. Schechter about his unique clinical practice and treatment approach or listen to a podcast.

    If you prefer, you can print the following abbreviated career summary on Dr. David Schechter

    David Schechter, M.D.

    Board Certified Family Medicine/Sports Medicine
    Pain Medicine, Credentialed by AAPM

    Wilshire Office, 8500 Wilshire Boulevard,Ste. 705, corner of Wilshire and LaCienega Blv'd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    tel: (310) 657-1022

    Culver Office, 10811 Washington Blvd., Suite 250, just West of Overland
    Culver City, CA 90232
    tel: (310) 836-2225
    Well-Educated Physician...

        An expert in Sports Medicine with the total patient perspective of a generalist...
        Pain Medicine, Credentialed Pain Practitioner in 2007 by AAPM
        Sports Medicine, Certified in 1993, Re-certified in 2003
        Family Practice, Diplomate, Certified in 1987, Re-Certified in 1994, 2001
        Internship and Residency, UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital 1984-87
        Medical School, New York University, 1980-84
        Undergraduate, Princeton University, 1976-80

              Academically Active...

        Working with the next generation of physicians...
        Clinical Associate Professor, USC School of Medicine

              A Frequent Lecturer...

        On exercise, back pain, sports injuries...
        USC Common Problems in Primary Care Course
        California Hospital Conference Series, Beverly Hills & Culver City Adult Schools. 

          Lecturer on Low Back Pain at Kaiser Permanente and Long Beach Memorial Hospitals.

       Lecturer on TMS and MindBody Approaches to Pain at UCLA Course,
    Lecturer on TMS at California Graduate Institute of Psychology and LA College of Chiropractic.
                A Team Physician...

        Involved with the care of athletes at all levels...

    Staff Physician, US Figure Skating Championships, Los Angeles, 2002
    Staff Physician, Pan Am Maccabi Games, Buenos Aires, 1995
    Staff Physician Los Angeles Marathon 1990-95
    Supervising Team Physician, Fremont High, 1989-91
    Staff Physician, Special Olympics 1990

    Experienced in Research and Attuned to Psychological Issues in Health...

    Back Pain Research on Tension Myositis Syndrome under the auspices of John Sarno, MD at NYU's Rusk Institute.
    Published research includes long-term follow-up study on his own TMS patients; see Research Foundation's Website.
    A Consultant Ensuring Quality Care...

    Utilizing up-to-date medical knowledge to insure patients receive the best care...

    Former Chairman, Quality Review Committee, Camber Clinics
    Physician Advisor at Value Health Sciences and Co-Chairman of the Quality Improvement Subcommittee.
    Consultant to Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) focusing on Preventive Medicine
    Consultant to Care Intervention on Industrial Back Care.

              Active in His Profession...

    Member, American Academy of Pain Management.
    Member, American Medical Association

              Up-To-Date in His Field...
    Exceeds Continuing Education Requirements of His Specialty...
    On staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

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    For consultations with Dr. Schechter at his Beverly Hills office, call 310-657-1022. Click here for a map to the Beverly Hills office.
    For consultations at Culver City office, call 310-836-2225. Click here for a map to the Culver City office.
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